The Dawn Of Hope - Masaya Matsuura - PaRappa The Rapper Original Soundtrack (CD)

2nd October. By admin. Posted in Bluegrass.

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  1. Parappa The Rapper Original Soundtrack is composed and arranged by Masaya Matsuura. It was released December 12, in Japan and published by Sony Records. Track Listings [ edit | edit source ] Disc One (). Reply
  2. Nov 03,  · Album: PaRappa the Rapper Soundtrack Composer: Masaya Matsuura Vocals: Dred Foxx and Ryu Watabe I do not own the rights to this soundtrack, nor am I affiliated with the composer or the company. I. Reply
  3. Game: PaRappa the Rapper [PlayStation, , Sony] - 2 ReMixes, 0 Albums, 44 Songs - Music by Masaya Matsuura, Rodney A. Greenblat, Tuttle & Dynamo Laboratory, Yoshihisa Suzuki. Reply

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