Hunt Of The Humans - Abstinence - Revolt Of The Cyberchrist (CD, Album)

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  1. JoJolmaran
    America's Religions From Their Origins to the Twenty-first Century Fourth Edition. Resources for Further Reading and Research. The following is a comprehensive but hardly exhaustive selection from the vast scholarship in the study of American religion, which has continued to proliferate from one edition of . Reply
  2. Artist: Abstinence Album: Revolt Of The Cyberchrist Genre: Industrial Bitrate: Release: File Size: mb Track List: 1. Abstinence - Mindgames () 2. Abstinence - Interface () 3. Reply
  3. This CD is the fourth in the series of experiments into musical spirituality and introspection. Recording in a room that once housed a mainframe computer, Kim Cascone evokes the attitude of his roots in the mainframe computer. "Morton Subotnik meets Entropica" is how Cascone describes this beatless yet culturally amazing array of sounds. Reply
  4. This album seems to be a concept album about the eventual destruction of humanity at the hands of our own increasingly-competent machines. Humans and other natural creatures are. Reply
  5. Jul 27,  · Mindgames Interface Cybersapien Sickness Of Morality Hunt Of The Humans Betdown Revolt Of The Cyberchrist Power Of The Radio Frigid Chances Reply
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  8. Hunt Of The Humans Lyrics: The windowsill / Balance of reality and fiction / The walls barricades three dimensional dementia / Demographics undeniable / Freeze-frame society blurs backward into. Reply
  9. Revolt Of The Cyberchrist Lyrics: Bodies become metallic / Scenery frozen cement culture / Drowning blurry future realities pixelized within my mind / Trapped under the hatred from years before. Reply

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